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2018 Ink & Iron

2018 Ink & Iron


WA 98516

January 27, 2018 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Come on down and check out the work of some the best tattoo artists in the area. Get some ink done that day or enter the contest ($5) with a piece from your personal collection. Each category will crown one winner with prizes. Judging each category will be our featured tattoo artists.

Featuring local tattoo artist, motorcycle & entertainment!

The Six Ink Categories:

  • Sleeve
Black & Gray
Cover-Up (must provide a picture prior to cover up)

  • Worst Tattoo
Harley-Davidson (Any tattoo related to riding, Harley-Davidson, motorcycles, the open road, etc.)

Interested in being an artist or vendor at the show? Please email kylerl@nwharley.com

All rules are non-negotiable.

Entrance Fee for each contest is $5.00

  • Winner will receive a framed award, $50 Northwest Harley-Davidson Gift Card, and additional item(s) to be announced at show.
  • Each contestant must pay a $5 entry fee per entry per category. There will be no refunds for contestants who do not attend the contest (times to be announced at convention).
  • Tattoos must be entered into the correct category to compete.
  • You must be present 15 minutes prior to competing.
  • Tattoo's must be complete and fully healed (1 mo. or older) to be entered into competition; except for tattoos done on day of show.
  • You may not enter the same individual tattoo in more than one category.
  • You may only enter three categories.
  • A sleeve must be a half or full arm sleeve or a half or full leg sleeve and it must be complete.
  • A back piece consisting of one single piece may be entered into any category except sleeve category only.
  • Black and gray tattoos may have only up to 10% accenting color.
  • To enter the "Best Cover-Up" category a photo of the original piece to be covered, before any stencil or artwork was done, must be present.
  • If you are a judge you may not enter any category you are scheduled to judge. You also may not judge a category that one of your artistic pieces has been entered into. If you need to be excused from judging a specific category an alternate judge will be provided.
  • One award will be given to each winner of each category.
  • No complete disrobing during competition.

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