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Employee Spotlight: Christina Davidson

Employee Spotlight: Christina Davidson

By Emily Slawski

Here at Northwest Harley Davidson, we have some pretty amazing employees. People from all walks of life and with truly unique stories. There are hard core bikers to those that don’t ride at all, but all have love for the Harley-Davidson® company. We want our customers to know who is contributing to their rider journey when they come to Northwest Harley-Davidson. This month we celebrate Christina Davidson, our amazing general merchandise associate, who has a very unique background and approach to life. Everyone could learn a little something from Christina when it comes to self-sufficiency and dedication. Enjoy getting to know a little about Christina in our interview with her. 

How are you involved in the motorcycle industry? 

Christina grew up around motorcycles. Her dad, aunts, and uncles all rode Harley’s. She grew up in a small farm community in Gonzales, CA. “It’s the salad bowl of America”! explains Christina. Agriculture fields go on for miles there, and most of the neighbors rode Harley’s too. She learned how to ride dirt bikes by riding around in the wide-open fields with her neighbors. She would also venture to Laguna Seca Raceway and watch the races with her family and traveled to San Jose to watch motocross for fun as a kid. Harley Davidson and bike culture has always been a large and important part of Christina’s life.

Tell me about your family.

She has a loving husband and a beautiful little girl. Her three-year-old is “super sassy, smart, and polite”, Christina says with a smile on her face. It is an understatement to say her family is self-sufficient. They hunt their own food, raise chickens, and grow a considerably extensive garden to cater to all their food needs and wants. Everything they grow, Christina will freeze, dry-freeze, can-up or make into a jam to last them the entire year until their garden blooms again. “We hunt elk, bear, deer, turkey, rabbits, squirrel, pheasants, fish and even harvest crab”, she explains. If that wasn’t enough, Christina also does taxidermy! If that’s not the epitome of self-sufficiency, then what is?

Random fact about yourself?

Her favorite color is black, favorite gummy bear is the green one, favorite flower is the Indian Paintbrush, and favorite animal is her dog Grim. She also likes to make jewelry, crochet, knit, make greeting cards, and scrapbook in her free time. Is there anything Christina doesn’t do?

What do you do for fun?

Christina loves backpacking and rock climbing. She finds it to be very therapeutic and a great way to exercise with her husband. They truly live for the outdoors. 

Before working at Northwest Harley-Davidson®, what did you do?

“I was a bakery manager at Abby’s Cookies & Cupcakes”! she says with animation. Christina misses making cakes and decorating but does that a lot with her daughter now. Although the bakery is out of business now, her favorite part of working there was making cakes for kids and seeing their faces when the cakes were completed, and they saw their ideas come to life. “There is nothing better than that feeling,” she explained. 

Why do you like motorcycles?

“Their fun”! she says excitedly. She likes the exhilaration she feels when revving the engine and the feeling of freedom it brings her when she rides. 

Why do you work for NWHD?

She loves the family dynamic. She states that she appreciates that the dealership is a professional, but friendly environment for her. 

What do you like about this dealership?

“It truly is the friendliest shop in the Northwest”! Christina says. 

What is your proudest moment at Northwest Harley-Davidson®? 

There was a customer that came in one day trying to find a matching hat and jacket to her husband’s jacket and hat that he bought a couple of months earlier at the dealership. The shop no longer carried the same products, so Christina went online, made it her mission to find it, and special ordered it for the customer. “My most proud moments are when a customer tells me I gave them an excellent experience”. Christina says. 

Do you have an office nickname?

“T call me Flaca”. She laughs. Flaca means skinny in Spanish she explains with a shoulder shrug. 

One thing everyone should know about Christina Davidson is that she is a kind soul. She comes to work every day with an infectious smile on her face and a spring in her step. She likes to pay compliments to almost every employee she sees in one day and is genuinely interested in what anyone wants to say to her. We appreciate and celebrate all our employees at Northwest Harley Davidson, especially Christina. Next time you find yourself buying a leather jacket here, make sure to stop by and say hi to Christina. We can assure you she will be more than happy to help you out.