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Employee Spotlight: Sprocket

Employee Spotlight: Sprocket

By Emily Slawski

This month we celebrate Sprocket, one of our service associates, who has quickly become an important member of the Northwest Harley Davidson family. He has a positive and “matter of fact” approach to life. He says what is on his mind and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Enjoy getting to know a little about Sprocket in our interview with him.

How are you involved in the motorcycle industry? 

Sprocket used to host short and long-distance rides before COVID, and looks forward to the day when he can arrange them again. Taco Tuesdays is probably his favorite ride. I mean, who doesn’t love taco Tuesday? He would hold them almost every week with a bunch of motorcycle club members, independents, friends, and really anyone with a motorcycle who had a yearning to join in on the well-intentioned fun. He has gotten to know so many motorcyclists via his Facebook group and continues the tradition of meetups, rides, and just having a good old time.

How have motorcycles transformed parts of your life?

“It is my life. It’s all I know”. He says with defiance in his voice. Sprocket owns two vehicles, and both are motorcycles. He had a proud demeanor as he talked about being a year-round rider. To have a motorcycle as his main form of transportation has allowed him to really immerse himself in the motorcycle culture. Sprocket’s passion for bikes started at quite a young age. His turning point was the first time he got on a Honda Interceptor about 20 years ago. Since that point, the rest has been history.

How did you get started in motorcycling?

Sprocket grew up in the Philippines and started riding mopeds at about 8 years old since “that’s a thing in Asia at a very young age. Can you imagine an eight-year-old on a moped”? he says with a chuckle. Motorcycling has always been part of his life in some way shape or form.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on a motorcycle?

Hesitantly, Sprocket spoke briefly of the time he dropped his custom Suzuki Hayabusa at a motorcycle meet when he was waving to his friends and, without a second thought, took his hands off the handlebars. He unfortunately did not put the kickstand down. He had to have it repainted after that. He has never been able to live it down. We feel for you Sprocket.

Can you recall your best day on a bike?

“So many,” he says a little perplexed by the question. Although he couldn’t give a definitive day, he explained a couple of instances that stood out to him. One occasion was riding 1200 miles in one long day from Tacoma to LA. It was a club ride, and his first out of state-run. “It was first-time jitters” he explains. He was excited, tired, nervous, and exhilarated all at once since he was leaving the state on a motorcycle for the first time in his life. It’s one of those enchanting moments in life that can’t be replaced or replicated ever again. His second instance was “riding beside his brothers”. It is a bond unlike anything he could describe.

Tell me about your family.

Sprocket has three kids, a wife, and two dogs. His eldest son Dominic has sadly been fighting leukemia for the past three years. “He’s doing great, and in maintenance now which is right before remission”. He explains. In essence, that means he is still getting chemo, but there are no signs of leukemia coming back which is a great thing. Sprocket explains it has taught their family to always look on the positive side of things and not worry about negatives. Dominic is now 14 and enjoying life! He is truly an admirable fighter unlike any other. Sprocket’s daughter Leila is ten years old and a “typical girl”. Sprocket says with a laugh. She plays dress-up, puts on colorful makeup, and likes to do her hair and nails like a queen. She is true royalty! His youngest is Ethan who’s six years old. He is a typical young boy who likes to play rough, wrestle, loves motorcycles, and has a 50 CC dirt bike that he rides around the neighborhood. He is a mini Sprocket in the making. All his kids get along great and fondly look after each other. His wife is a “hard-working mom who does a good job taking care of the kids”. Sprocket makes clear. He also has a Staffordshire terrier named Harley and a mut named Pipper whom he cherishes and spoils.

List a random fact about yourself.

“I speak Tagalog, the language of the Philippines”. He says proudly. Also, when you come to the dealership, you will notice Sprocket is always wearing a scally hat. What a nice chap!

What do you do for fun?

Sprocket likes to ride his motorcycle, hang with his club brothers, and go on long-distance rides anywhere and anytime he can get out of state. He is quite a free soul.

Before working at Northwest Harley-Davidson, what did you do?

“I was in telecom for about ten years as a supply chain manager” Sprocket expounds. Although his career was successful, he decided to modify his career path and come here because he loves motorcycles down to his core. He knew it was time for a change. In short, he is enjoying doing something he loves. It is truly exquisite when passion and a career come together.

What do you like about this dealership?

He enjoys the family feel and that NWHD is a strong team. It is rare to find that type of team dynamic at any place of work. 

Do you have an office nickname?

If you know Sprocket, you know that isn’t his real name, but it’s the name he has gone by for years. When he got his nickname, he was going to school at the time and prospecting for a club. The club gave him that nickname years ago and it has stuck with him since. Hence, follows the evolution of all that is Sprocket.

Even with all the hardships that go on behind the scenes, Sprocket comes to work almost every day with a can-do attitude. He often talks about the love he has for his children and chooses to live life with a cheeky smile on his face. Outwardly, Sprocket may be a typical biker, but here at NWHD, we know Sprocket is so much more than his biker persona and mischievous ways. We appreciate his hard work and positivity and are delighted that he is part of our family.