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Warranty Forever | Lacey, WA


We understand the importance of choosing a dealer that thinks of you, not only during the sale, but long afterward. That’s why we are an exclusive Warranty Forever® dealership.

We want you to have the most exceptional ownership experience possible, and we believe that it starts and ends with a REAL VALUE offering to our customers.

Warranty Forever® will pay for repairs to the powertrain components of your motorcycle for as long as you own it, at absolutely NO COST to you!

No hooks, no catches, and no gimmicks.


At our dealership, we want to make your next motorcycle purchase an experience worth talking about. Our Warranty Forever® program is REAL powertrain coverage that lasts for as long as you own your motorcycle. So, when we say FOREVER, we mean FOREVER!

There is no deductible. The program pays 100% of parts and labor costs anywhere in the USA! There is NO maximum mileage and NO maximum ownership term.

Buy your next motorcycle with complete confidence, and never pay for repairs to the most expensive components of your motorcycle. Simply complete the customary maintenance outlined in your Warranty Forever® agreement, and you’re covered FOREVER!

While all our pre-owned motorcycles go through rigorous safety and mechanical inspections, the cream of the crop also receive Lifetime Powertrain coverage!


The program pays 100% of parts and labor costs anywhere in the USA & CANADA! That means with just a simple call to Warranty Forever®, and you are covered wherever you find yourself.


Warranty Forever® Pays for 100% of parts and labor cost anywhere in the USA & CANADA! There is NO maximum mileage and NO maximum ownership term.

How is Warranty Forever® Different 
From Other Dealership's Programs?

Northwest Harley-Davidson | NWAN®

  • No Deductible
  • Come On All New & Qualifying Used Motorcycles
  • Covers Engine, Transmission, Primary Drive, Drive Axel
  • At No Point Do you have to provide any money for covered repairs
  • The Warranty Forever Guarantee 
  • Covered For Life Even If Northwest Harley-Davidson® or NWAN® Goes Out of Business
  • NWAN® is the ONLY Lifetime Warranty administrator for Motorcycle Dealers and the leader in Automotive.

Other Dealerships

  • $100 Deductible
  • Only On New Motorcycles
  • Only Engine
  • You pay for all the repairs and then get reimbursed


If you ever have a powertrain failure that exceeds your motorcycle's value, the Warranty Forever® program will pay you full nada retail value of your motorcycle at the time of failure – and you keep your motorcycle! 

What other warranty is willing to provide you a guarantee like that? 


Many customers wonder about the type of components covered under the Motorcycle Warranty Forever® program. For complete details on the components covered, check out the details below!


Engine block and/or replaceable cylinder sleeves, cylinder heads and valve covers (if damaged by an internally lubricated part), all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine, including, without limitation, valves, valve springs, valve guides, intake manifolds, pistons, connecting rods, wrist pins, main bearings, rod bearings, crankshaft, camshaft, lifters, cam bearings, oil pump, rocker arms, pushrods, timing chain, timing gears, timing cover, flywheel, flywheel ring gear, engine mounts, and all internally lubricated parts of the turbocharger/supercharger, including, without limitation, vans, shafts, bearings, bushings, waste gate, and housing (if damaged by an internally lubricated part).


Transmission case (if damaged by an internally-lubricated part) and all internally-lubricated parts within the transmission case, including, without limitation, gears, bearings, intermediate gears, internal shift mechanism, transmission mounts, and internal drive chains.


Primary drive case (if damaged by an internally-lubricated part) and all internally-lubricated parts (except clutch and hub assemblies) contained within the primary drive case, including, without limitation, all gears, bearings, internal drive gears, internal drive chains, and internal selector mechanism.


(Shaft driven only) transaxle housing and final drive housing (if damaged by an internally lubricated part) and all internally lubricated parts of the differential housing, including, without limitation, axle shafts, constant velocity joints, universal joints, drive shafts, supports, retainers, bearings, locking hubs, hub bearings, and locking rings.


Although we are certainly the best place to perform the necessary service work on your motorcycle that you are purchasing from us, you don't HAVE to use us.**

Benefits of maintaining your motorcycle with us

  • Trained technicians who are experts at working on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
  • Never worry about inadvertently voiding your warranty - We know what needs to be done and when.
  • Servicing with us requires no pre-authorization
  • We retain your maintenance records for you!

There is no catch; this program is provided to you at no charge. The only requirement is that you follow the customary maintenance outlined in your agreement and keep records of all customary maintenance performed. Maintenance records can easily be saved in the NAE/ NWAN Connect app. Look up your maintence schedule HERE.

The limit of liability is the NADA average retail value of the motorcycle at time of claim.

The program provides coverage to the engine, transmission and drive assembly components listed in the agreement for as long as you own your motorcycle regardless of how long you own the vehicle and how many miles you drive.

Contact the dealer where you purchased your motorcycle. They will handle it all from there! If you have any questions that you would like to ask us directly, you may call 1-800-810-8458 and speak with a claims specialist.

There is no deductible on the program. All parts and labor are covered 100%.

No, you are not required to pay for covered repairs out of pocket. All repairs are paid via credit card by the program administrator. Please be sure, however, that all repairs are authorized prior to the repair being completed. Unauthorized repairs will not be covered.

Towing and rental car coverage is not provided by your Warranty Forever® agreement. However, if you purchased an extended service contract, your contract will most likely provide that coverage for you.

It is required that you maintain the motorcycle according to the terms and conditions outlined in your Warranty Forever® agreement. The motorcycle must have all customary maintenance completed at the selling dealer or a pre-authorized service facility. 

Proper maintenance to any mechanical component is the best preventative measure in reducing future breakdowns. That is the reason we ask that you use these guidelines.

No. All services must be performed by a professional service facility. This is to ensure proper documentation, as well as the workmanship of the services performed on your motorcycle. See your Warranty Forever® agreement for complete details on customary maintenance requirements.

You may call us at 1-800-810-8458 and PRE-AUTHORIZE any maintenance service to be performed while you are traveling. If you need assistance with this, you may also contact your selling dealer’s service department for details.

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*Towing and roadside assistance expenses are not covered under the Warranty Forever® agreement

**If you choose to service your motorcycle outside of our dealership, we require you to call and pre-authorize each scheduled maintenance service, prior to having the maintenance performed. We will guide you and ensure that all the required customary maintenance is completed on your motorcycle, so you do not void your Warranty Forever ® agreement.